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Leading A Team to Success in Five Steps

Let’s be clear: teamwork is really hard. For every blog article proclaiming how beneficial teamwork is, there is a manager struggling to make it happen in the real world. In this article, we’ll look at five critical steps that help these managers lead a team to success.   1. Setting a Clear Charter and Goals…
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Linking National Ice Cream Day with Employee Engagement

July is National Ice Cream Month – so mark your calendars for the third Sunday in July to pause and reflect on the longevity of ice cream as a national treat.  Here at Pryor Learning, we also think ice cream is a great tool for thinking about employee engagement, development and retention.  Let’s look at…
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National Ice Cream Day: Celebration Tips

What and When is National Ice Cream Day? At Pryor Learning, we like to mark serious observation months – like National Safety Month and Health and Fitness Month – but sometimes, it is also fun to mark something more playful!  So, let’s celebrate National Ice Cream Day and Month, with a focus on customer and…
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National Safety Month: Tips for Observing Workplace Safety

The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate and provides a variety of tools and resources that organizations and leaders can use to create safer workplaces.  The organization celebrates June as National Safety Month, making it an appropriate time to pause and take stock of safety practices at work, at home and on…
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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: Tips for Leaders

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: Tips for Leaders thumbnail

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month sets aside a specific month of the year to help organizations focus on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.  Encouraging active living, quality physical education and health programs can have long term benefits for individuals, teams and organizations.  This article focuses on providing tips for leaders for promoting health and…
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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: The Employer’s Guide

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: The Employer’s Guide thumbnail

At the start of the year, many people set ambitious and optimistic health and fitness goals as part of their New Year’s resolutions. And, too many people also find that those goals tend to fade away as the year unfolds. Now that spring has fully bloomed in many places, employers can play an important role…
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The Irony of True Engagement: Stretching Hurts!

The Irony of True Engagement: Stretching Hurts! thumbnail

Different employees want different developmental opportunities. Some prefer the stability of a long-term dedicated role; others want to be stretched to grow and learn something new. Some may see new opportunities as the organization just continuing to raise the stakes; others may seek that challenge. For high-performing employees who want to be stretched, the most…
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Employee Retention – Making the Case for Staying

Employee Retention – Making the Case for Staying thumbnail

With rapid shifts in the economy and business landscape, retaining current employees feels like an important mandate.  Employee retention is certainly vital for operations and continuity.  It is also important to be objective in weighing both their value to you, and your value to them.  Here are some questions to ask in this process. How…
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