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Employee Retention: 3 Make or Break Factors (Video)

In this video blog, Lisa Smith discusses some employee retention strategies. Transcript Do you sometimes struggle with recruitment and retention issues in your organization? Well, if you do, I have a survey that you’ll enjoy. Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed a variety of workers across the United States and came up with…
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Employers Must Have a Written FMLA Policy (Video)

Does your organization currently have a written FMLA policy? In the short video below, Lisa Smith discusses the Department of Labor’s new FMLA requirement. Transcript Well, it looks like the DOL is at it again. In June of 2016 the Department of Labor released a 76 page guide regarding the FMLA– Family and Medical Leave…
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IRS Issues Proposed Rule Clarifying Laws Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Employers! You no longer need to hold your breath hoping you are “doing it right” regarding same sex marriage equality laws. On October 23, 2015, the question of how employers and other entities must handle the definition of marriage for IRS tax purposes was answered in the IRS proposed rule regarding implementation of the Windsor and Obergefell…
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Danger Zones That Can Trip Up Even the Most Seasoned HR Professional

Let’s talk about “best practices” that can minimize the legal threat all HR professionals face – be they seasoned or beginning. Think consistency in enforcement. This is a tricky because we always think we are being consistent – we are not. Using checklists will help when you are hiring, giving performance appraisals, dealing with time off,…
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