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Excel Conditional Formatting: Date Data

Turning your cluttered spreadsheet of data into living, actionable information can be as simple as adding visual cues. Unless you are really good at doing date calculations in your head, conditional formatting is especially helpful when determining ages or anticipating birthdays and anniversaries. The following steps show how to perform a common Human Resources task:…
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Save Time With Our Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Syntax, Operators and Functions…Oh My! Do you speak Excel? Are you just starting out and trying to remember the go-to lingo? Well, today’s blog post is a snapshot of helpful cheat sheet material to help you build your Excel skills. Advanced Filter Criteria Popular Excel Functions and Descriptions Next Steps As you continue working in…
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Get the Most Out of Excel’s Conditional Formatting

As a continuation of our post last week, we decided to expand on some great uses from conditional formatting. Highlighting negative values in red and using several built-in conditions is great when you are starting out, but you are not getting nearly enough bang for your buck! Here are three ways to get more out…
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Highlight Valuable Data With Excel Conditional Formulas

You can conditionally format your data in order to draw attention to outliers and quickly assess how significant your data points are. Conditional formatting can be used to highlight interesting cells, emphasize unusual values, and visualize data using data bars, color scales, and icon sets based on specific criteria. Excel has several built in conditions…
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Excel Macro Tutorial for Beginners

To follow using our example, download MacrosForBeginners.xlsx Once you get comfortable navigating Excel, it won’t be long before you start to hear about this wondrous feature called a “Macro” that can  leap tall projects with a single keystroke and make boring tasks go by faster than a speeding bullet. While Macros aren’t really the superman…
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Use Multiple Worksheets to Create 3D Excel Charts

A 3D Excel formula allows you to calculate cells across multiple worksheets. It is incredibly useful for creating a summary sheet to share data with others. You can then share the results visually with the help of a 3D Excel Chart. Download and follow along with 3D Excel Charts.xlsx. Step-by-Step: 3D Excel Formula Make sure…
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