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Calculating Compound Interest in Excel

Whether for personal or business application, it’s a good idea to know how to calculate compound interest for loans and investments. There are two methods you can use, the long form and the FV (future value) function. Download ExcelCompoundInterest.xlsx to see the examples. Long Form In this first example, we’ll assume a one and a…
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Accounting Magic – What You Need to Know About Accounting Excel Formulas

Accounting is more than just debits and credits. It is the calculation and analysis of those debits and credits that generate accounting information an organization can act upon. Let’s take a look at two types of reports a professional in the Accounting Department might be asked to generate. Then, we’ll see how that information can…
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Excel Finance Formulas

Given the number crunching power of Excel, you might surmise that when it comes to calculating money matters, it really shines. And, so it does. In order to understand how the various financial functions, work, there are a few components to understand. Most of the fifty-five functions that are classified as financial functions in Excel…
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Interactive Excel Charts: Create a Chart Selector

More and more data has led to more and more opportunities to present it in visually understandable ways. However, it can get frustrating having to navigate through a large workbook, just to find the exact chart you need. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an interactive chart selector. If you aren’t familiar with…
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