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Apply Simple Formatting to Numbers, Dates and Times in Excel

Have you ever been asked to present your data in specific accounting formats? Excel provides a multitude of preset formatting options for customizing numbers, dates and times. You can present data in the way that best expresses your needs and conforms with any government, industry or company standards and styles that might apply to your…
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Customize Spellcheck and Grammar Check Options in Excel

While working in Excel, you may want to change which AutoCorrect / AutoFormat alerts you see (and don’t see) in the creation process. Luckily, you can customize the spelling and grammar checker by selecting specific options to employ (or not) as Excel checks your cell data. Customize Spellcheck Settings Click the File tab. Click the…
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Calculations Without the Formulas!

Some people use Excel because they LIKE numbers and math.  Some use Excel because they DON’T! Nick counts on Excel to do the mathematical heavy lifting.  He needs to calculate rows of data, but the thought of creating formulas and then checking the answers seems daunting.  If you feel the same way, you might like…
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Create a Custom AutoFill Series in Excel

Excerpted from QuickClicks Microsoft Excel 2016 Reference Guide You have a set of offices and sales regions, products and specific business time units (quarters, semi-annual) that you enter repeatedly. AutoFill would be helpful, but the default AutoFill lists do not contain these terms. What can you do? Create a customized AutoFill list. When you have…
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Spotlight Excel Formula: Convert Text to Numbers

Numbers stored as text can present problems for lookup formulas and regular calculations. There are a few ways to convert Text to Numbers in Excel using a formula. We’ll look at three separate scenarios and see how we can use a formula to make things work the way they should. Download ConvertTexttoNumbers.xlsx and try out…
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Create a 3-D Power Map in Excel

Microsoft’s latest release of Excel has some powerful updates. Our latest 2016 highlight is the popular Power Map add-in. This feature can plot geographic and temporal data on a globe or custom map in a three-dimensional presentation. You can view data changing over time and create animated presentations called “tours”. Imagine you’re creating a presentation…
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