Category: Communication

How to Become an Exceptional Listener

Dear Exceptional Listener, I think I am a great listener, but I have noticed I cannot recall most of what my coworker said about our big project. I had a lot to contribute to the conversation and related her ideas to a positive experience I had on our last successful…
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Saying “No” Without Guilty Feelings

Between the stress of work, family and home, the amount of projects you are juggling can seem endless. Whether it's joining the team on a new project at work, volunteering to coach a softball game or helping a neighbor with childcare, it can be overwhelming to be in ten places…
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Tips to Enhance Your Personal Communication Style

Do you ever find yourself having a conversation with someone, and when you leave you find you have been completely misunderstood? Or maybe you left the conversation only to find you really don't know what just happened? It's not only what you say, but how you say it that can…
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