Workplace Stress Evaluation: Tips for Managers

Workplace Stress Evaluation: Tips for Managers thumbnail

In today’s fast-paced workplaces, managers must balance mission demands with staff well-being. A stressed-out workforce doesn’t support mission success: critical thinking is impaired, people forget to communicate with each other, and staff may not prioritize tasks appropriately. A certain level of stress can keep people focused. Periodically systematically assessing and evaluating workplace stress can help…
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Coronavirus in the Workplace: Key HR Issues

Coronavirus in the Workplace: Key HR Issues thumbnail

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone from a handwashing and elbow-bumping conversation to the most significant workplace issue we have ever seen. Employers are confronting dilemmas that change every day. Questions regarding how to handle emergency leave, workplace safety and health, furloughs, layoffs and mandated closing of businesses along-side all the other employment…
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Crisis Management Planning

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As companies take steps to mitigate Coronavirus impacts, it is a good time to pause and assess your current approach to crisis management and planning. Here are some factors to consider as you evaluate and adjust.  Communicate! In the face of fear and uncertainty, more than anything else, people crave communication. Large organizationsin particular spendtoo…
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Tips for Managing Remote Employees: Jumpstarting and Sustaining

Tips for Managing Remote Employees: Jumpstarting and Sustaining thumbnail

As we write this, Coronavirus is appearing in different workplaces across the country and around the world. Organizations are quickly evaluating their ability to have a large part of the workforce working remotely. Some organizations have been doing telework and remote work for years; others are just getting started.  Here are some tips for both…
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The PRYOR Learning Brief – February Recap

The PRYOR Learning Brief – February Recap thumbnail

Learning in the workplace is evolving from traditional videos to an encompassing interactive learning experience. Is your organization ready?  Find out more about LXPs and training ROI in this month’s Learning Brief. X Marks the Spot: What Lies Under the ‘X’ in LXP? – Ways Gamification Implements Emotions in Microlearning – How An…
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Microlearning Course Design

Microlearning Course Design thumbnail

When considering how to integrate new approaches—like microlearning—into your overall employee development efforts, it can be useful to get back to basics. In this article, we place microlearning within a broader training development structure. Let’s start at the broadest levels of training development: learning paths, curricula and courses. These learning categories define the overall topics…
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Microlearning Best Practices and Challenges

Microlearning Best Practices and Challenges thumbnail

Microlearning is ready-made for the millennial generation: short segments of engagement—often online—that teach knowledge and advance skills. Here are some best practices and challenges for designing microlearning courses in your organization. Microlearning Best Practices If you are just starting microlearning in your organization, here are some best practices for course design and engagement: Plan to…
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