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Reacting to Diversity Topics – Looking Inward

Reacting to Diversity Topics – Looking Inward thumbnail

Too often, diversity awareness becomes lists of differences. Black or White, Hispanic or Non-Hispanic, Asian or long lists of “Others.” Male, Female, Transgender. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Queer. Democrat, Republican, Independent. Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim. Disabled, Differently Abled. Over time, more terms and categories emerge – and each individual brings combinations of diversity that…
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Preparing for Pirates: Communicating Through Conflict

Preparing for Pirates: Communicating Through Conflict thumbnail

Each September, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebrates the light-hearted side of piracy—the rolling letter “rrrr’s,” the merry drinks and the adventures of life at sea.  In real life, though, we occasionally run into the more traditional pirate–the one that is ready to board your boat and take your treasure away. Contemplating pirates offers a…
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“Ahoy, me hearties!” Communicating with Pirates

“Ahoy, me hearties!”  Communicating with Pirates thumbnail

While not likely on your official work calendar, September 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so let’s get ready to celebrate!  The holiday is whimsical and informal, celebrating a positive pop-culture vision of pirates and their unique language conventions and practices. The holiday also reminds us that to get our message heard, it is…
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How Do You Lead? Team Leadership Assessment

How Do You Lead? Team Leadership Assessment thumbnail

Successful teams generally have a successful leader–either out front or behind the scenes–guiding the way.  If you lead a team, here’s a quick assessment to reflect on how you are doing: Strengths – What strengths do you have in leading the team? How are these strengths reflected in the team’s culture or work? Outcomes –…
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Triumphant Temporary Teams

Triumphant Temporary Teams thumbnail

When talking about team-building, a lot of attention is given to long-term intact teams. These may be organizational teams, sales teams, long term project or service teams–regardless of mission, they are designed to stay together for a long time. There is also power in the temporary team–convened to address only one specific problem or project….
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Five Social Activities for Connecting Virtual Teams

Five Social Activities for Connecting Virtual Teams thumbnail

Every team needs a break!  Over time, people have grown comfortable with increased remote and virtual work–adjusting business practices and interactions to complete work at a distance.  It is also worth taking some time to build in some team level breaks and opportunities for social connection.  Here are five great practices we have seen work…
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Communication Tips in a COVID World

Communication Tips in a COVID World thumbnail

As of this writing, COVID cases have emerged across the country, and many of us are working to communicate through shifting “new normal” conditions.  Here are some quick reminder tips for planning for face-to-face communications, and for engaging in virtual interactions in these uncertain times. When planning for face-to-face communications: Assess comfort levels in advance….
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Lead Like a Pirate

Lead Like a Pirate thumbnail

Avast, me hearties, and listen well! In the lighthearted spirit of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, let’s envision the romanticized version of these rapscallions of the sea and reflect on their positive qualities. After all, pirate captains had to have masterful communication and leadership skills to steer a band of scurvy knaves to the…
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The Business Ethics of Black Lives Matter

The Business Ethics of Black Lives Matter thumbnail

As we write this, protests are spreading across the United States, with demands that leaders confront systemic racism and discrimination. What started as a focus on policing is shifting to a broader dialogue about what both individuals and businesses are doing to foster fairness and equality. Eliminating systemic racism, and more broadly supporting diversity and…
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