Monthly Archives: April 2019

From a Distance: Team-Building for Remote Workers

From a Distance: Team-Building for Remote Workers thumbnail

Many of today’s workplaces include a mix of local and remote employees.  How does a leader conduct team-building with employees who cannot be here face-to-face?  This article shares some ideas. Embrace video and build team member awareness. Today’s technologies, like Microsoft® Skype®, Google™ Meet, Zoom and Apple® FaceTime®, offer easy ways to connect face-to-face to…
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Team Building: Activities and Art

Team Building: Activities and Art thumbnail

Here’s a set of team-building activities that combine a “team-building day out” with short team-building activities and brain teasers that follow. First, plan a team-building day out with your group. While this may take some time, the investment is worth it to relieve stress and build camaraderie. Examples may include: Volunteer together at a food…
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