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Resolve Conflict with Improved Communication and Increased Emotional Intelligence

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Have you ever had a disagreement at work? At one time or another, you may have had workplace conflict. Honestly, who hasn’t? Everyone has specific preferences, communication styles and differing levels of emotional intelligence. Few institutions exist where everyone gets along. Leaders need to acknowledge that organizational conflict occurs and be ready to resolve it…
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Conflict Management Best Practices

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Conflict often involves both emotional and intellectual content – personal feelings, interpersonal relationships, problems to solve and decisions to be made.  Here are some best practices for navigating and negotiating conflicts:   Know your values. We generally engage in conflict about the things we care about. Understanding your own core values will help you anticipate…
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Personality and Conflict Managing Style

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According to a 2015 study done by The Health and Occupational Research network approximately twenty-five percent of all work-related stressors are related to interpersonal relationships. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) denotes sixteen main personality types including adventurers, inspectors and masterminds, among others. Each diverse personality type employs one of five conflict management styles. Lack…
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Quiz: Is it Sexual Harassment?

Test your knowledge about which behaviors warrant investigation by HR—and possibly the EEOC. Sexual harassment is making the news a lot these days, but most of the complaints that HR hears about day-to-day aren’t quite as clear-cut—or egregious—as the reports against former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose. The classic example of…
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