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Health and Wellness: Making Our Workstations Work!

Health and Wellness: Making Our Workstations Work! thumbnail

There are many ways to focus on your health and wellness at work.  One way is to make sure your space is meeting your ergonomic needs.  Many people go to work and accept their workstation as a fixed factor at work — and not something that is particularly flexible. Here are some ideas that support…
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Ergonomic Engineering: What Managers Can Do

Ergonomic Engineering: What Managers Can Do thumbnail

Many supervisors and managers recognize the benefits of ergonomic workplaces and workspaces, but feel lost about what they can do, particularly when it involves physical investments.  Here are some ideas that can go a long way in helping your employees — it often just takes a manager to advocate on their behalf. Ergonomic Workstations. My…
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Change Management for a Healthier You – Incorporating Ergonomics in the Workplace

I have a wonderful employee — Renée. Renée is bright, talented, driven and very aware of ergonomic design, given her recent surgery to address joint problems.  A few months ago, after completing an ergonomic evaluation, Renée installed a piece of software that alerts her when it is time to take a break. This helps her…
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Apply Simple Formatting to Numbers, Dates and Times in Excel

Have you ever been asked to present your data in specific accounting formats? Excel provides a multitude of preset formatting options for customizing numbers, dates and times. You can present data in the way that best expresses your needs and conforms with any government, industry or company standards and styles that might apply to your…
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Customize Spellcheck and Grammar Check Options in Excel

While working in Excel, you may want to change which AutoCorrect / AutoFormat alerts you see (and don’t see) in the creation process. Luckily, you can customize the spelling and grammar checker by selecting specific options to employ (or not) as Excel checks your cell data. Customize Spellcheck Settings Click the File tab. Click the…
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