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Goal Setting Activities: From Process to Product to Outcome

Goal Setting Activities: From Process to Product to Outcome thumbnail

One challenge in creating goals is defining what the goal is. We generally have some sense that a goal is a future state or milestone, associated with some good thing. How do we translate that into goal statements that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely? Here’s an example. The CS Company relies on subcontractors…
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Reflecting on Resolutions: How to Achieve Your Goals

New Year’s resolutions are – for many – a repeated annual ritual.  This year, let’s pause for a process check. How many of those resolutions have you achieved?  If you can look back on past years and name the resolutions you have successfully completed, then good for you! For many of us, however, resolutions are…
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A Goal Setting Worksheet: 9 Critical Questions

Checklists are wonderful tools for systematically completing tasks. Filling out a familiar worksheet or answering a series of repeated questions helps train our mind to anticipate the process, making intimidating tasks more accessible. With that in mind, here are 9 critical questions to help you with achieving goals. What’s the goal? What is this goal…
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Calculations Without the Formulas!

Some people use Excel because they LIKE numbers and math.  Some use Excel because they DON’T! Nick counts on Excel to do the mathematical heavy lifting.  He needs to calculate rows of data, but the thought of creating formulas and then checking the answers seems daunting.  If you feel the same way, you might like…
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