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Understanding the Project Management Process

Understanding the Project Management Process thumbnail

Successfully guiding projects from initiation to implementation requires a balance of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques [1]. One of the best ways to make sure a project has the best possible outcome is to understand the processes involved in effective management. Projects can be divided into six phases [2]. Initiation What is the project meant…
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Project Management Techniques for Career Development

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As a project manager, you may have a stable team that stays with you from project to project, or you may have different team members for each project. Regardless of whether your team is permanent or temporary, as the project manager, you have both the opportunity and responsibility to engage in career development with your…
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Five of the Best Online Project Management Tools

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While it’s possible to guide projects with nothing more than whiteboards and email, most complex projects require software to track all the moving parts. In a dynamic work environment, online and cloud-based tools offer the most flexibility for the cost. There are hundreds of applications to choose from, but these five are among the most…
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Create a Custom AutoFill Series in Excel

Excerpted from QuickClicks Microsoft Excel 2016 Reference Guide You have a set of offices and sales regions, products and specific business time units (quarters, semi-annual) that you enter repeatedly. AutoFill would be helpful, but the default AutoFill lists do not contain these terms. What can you do? Create a customized AutoFill list. When you have…
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DOL Penalized for Overtime Violations (Video)

Lisa Smith discusses the Department of Labor being penalized for overtime violations in the video below. Transcript Wage and hour issues are a serious subject with the Department of Labor. No employer wants to be in a position to pay heavy fines and penalties because they violated overtime laws or possibly didn’t classify an employee…
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Spotlight Excel Formula: Convert Text to Numbers

Numbers stored as text can present problems for lookup formulas and regular calculations. There are a few ways to convert Text to Numbers in Excel using a formula. We’ll look at three separate scenarios and see how we can use a formula to make things work the way they should. Download ConvertTexttoNumbers.xlsx and try out…
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