Monthly Archives: October 2016

Create a 3-D Power Map in Excel

Microsoft’s latest release of Excel has some powerful updates. Our latest 2016 highlight is the popular Power Map add-in. This feature can plot geographic and temporal data on a globe or custom map in a three-dimensional presentation. You can view data changing over time and create animated presentations called “tours”. Imagine you’re creating a presentation…
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Energizing and Engaging Your Audience: Four Questions for Effective Public Speaking

Energizing and Engaging Your Audience: Four Questions for Effective Public Speaking thumbnail

Like most activities, preparation is the key in public speaking. Here are four questions to ask when you are preparing a talk that can help you maximize your impact with any group. Who is my audience and what is the context? These are basic questions, but too often, presenters are so focused preparing their content,…
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Public Speaking Anxiety?: It’s Just a Conversation

Public Speaking Anxiety?:  It's Just a Conversation thumbnail

I was 26 years old and had just learned that my presentation was selected for a large conference. There would be 200 people in the audience, the organizers told me, “so, be prepared.”  I was so excited! As the sun rose the day of the presentation, my excitement changed to panic. Despite all my preparation…
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Employee Retention: 3 Make or Break Factors (Video)

In this video blog, Lisa Smith discusses some employee retention strategies. Transcript Do you sometimes struggle with recruitment and retention issues in your organization? Well, if you do, I have a survey that you’ll enjoy. Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed a variety of workers across the United States and came up with…
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Employers Must Have a Written FMLA Policy (Video)

Does your organization currently have a written FMLA policy? In the short video below, Lisa Smith discusses the Department of Labor’s new FMLA requirement. Transcript Well, it looks like the DOL is at it again. In June of 2016 the Department of Labor released a 76 page guide regarding the FMLA– Family and Medical Leave…
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