Monthly Archives: January 2016

How to Calculate Median in an Excel PivotTable – Almost!

A frequent question that comes up when working with Excel PivotTables is how to calculate median using the table’s filters and analysis. The short answer is “Excel doesn’t do that”. Meaning, there isn’t a simple way to change the Value Field Settings to calculate “Median”. The closest you can get is “Average”. However, averages aren’t…
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How to Use an Excel IF Function

Sometimes you need your data to tell you more about itself. The versatile IF function is how you can turn raw numbers into useful information. For example: Your wholesale company charges different rates depending on the size of bulk orders – customers who order more receive volume discounts. You want a way to quickly calculate…
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How to Create PivotTables Using the Quick Analysis Tool in Excel

Storing information is only part of the useful things Excel spreadsheets can do. Once you have collected a set of data, Excel can help you organize it and analyze it. One of the most powerful tools for analysis is the PivotTable. PivotTables do more than generate graphs out of one or two data points. When…
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