Monthly Archives: December 2014

Share Data with an Excel Chart Secondary Axis

Placing two data sets in an Excel chart is an effective way to quickly understand data and make important business decisions. However, when the values in your data sets widely vary, your chart may be difficult to comprehend. A great way to mitigate this problem and make your data clear and easy to understand  is by…
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App Your Financial Game

Every day a new feature or function is added to phones, tablets and wearable tech gadgets that bring those devices closer to replacing everything else we carry – wallets, credit cards, even IDs. Over half of all US states allow you to show electronic proof of insurance1 in the event of a traffic stop, Iowa…
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Excel Macro to Delete Rows

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it doesn’t make sense to spend time clicking through rows and rows on a spreadsheet just to delete them. By using the power of Excel Macros, you can automate the process so that Excel will eliminate any and all flagged rows instantaneously. Let’s take a real-world example. Transfiguration, Inc., is…
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