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Constructive Conflict: Chaos to Collaboration

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Conflict, at its heart, is the clash of viewpoints. Conflict is not inherently bad. Good clash leads to innovation and progress. Bad conflict can nosedive into negativity and undermine productivity. An environment that fosters good conflict provides opportunities to find common ground while one that fuels negativity tends to eliminate opportunities for compromise.

Dealing with Conflict: Keeping an Open Mind to Understand Other Points of View

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Put a group of people into a closed system, add a dollop of diversity and a dash of deadlines, sprinkle in some stress, and voila – you have a perfect recipe for conflict. In the workplace, conflict is practically an inevitability. That’s unfortunate, because conflict is destructive and counter-productive to our daily efforts.

Motivating and Inspiring Employees

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Working on a project and everyone is burnt out? Get them excited again with these tips. Employees are a vital component to company success. While other factors influence organizational gains, your workforce is a sustainable entity that maximizes productivity and progress.  Create an ideal atmosphere to improve employee engagement and foster this unique edge!

Building an Effective Team – Choosing the best candidates to get the job done.

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As a company leader, your time is as valuable as it is limited. You depend on your teams to take care of day to day business and make effective decisions in line with your organization’s purpose and best interest. The key is an autonomous, powerful team that works effectively without you available every minute. Each…
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