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Determining Customer Needs

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A salesperson cannot provide a valued solution without first determining the customer’s needs. You can generate happiness and loyalty by matching customers with the solution that works best for them. Solutions should be selected to ease pain, meet short- and long-term goals and address gaps.

Pitfall-Proof Your Sales Strategies

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Simply said: sales are tough business. One mistake can cost you a commission, a customer and tarnish the company image. Errors cannot be completely avoided, but a self-aware sales team can minimize the impact by preventing as many as possible and dealing with the rest. Follow these tips to avoid preventable blunders:

Excel Chart Options: Adding Titles

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Charts provide an easy-to-assemble but clear and persuasive illustration of your data. Excel offers a variety of charts in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. Default features, however, may not provide the look and include all of the data you wish to be displayed. One common functional need of a chart is a chart title.


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