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Tips for a Successful Home Office with Kids in the House

One Hour Webinar

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Maintaining a work / life balance is hard, so what happens when those two paradigms intersect? How do you keep it together as an employee who’s juggling multiple screens, conference calls and projects, while also fulfilling your role as parent, nurturer, teacher, and caregiver to your kids who also inhabit the same four walls? Learn to plan your day and thrive in both roles—as a productive employee and as an unflappable parent—in this one-hour webinar. You’ll learn tips on how to start and organize your day, as well as solutions to common “working-from-home-with-kids” problems that will keep both you and your kids focused, productive and engaged.

What You'll Learn

  • How to plan a successful day for everyone in the home.
  • Suggestions for child-friendly activities.
  • Tips to keep your kids quiet when you’re on a conference call or needing some quiet work time.
  • Playful ways to make “staying at home” fun for everyone.
  • Ideas on managing the stress of “too much” home time.
  • Methods to help navigate the homeschooling of youngsters, while still getting your own work done.
  • How to create win/win moments that bring out the best of you as an employee and parent.

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