Workers' Comp

Understand the complexities of these guidelines to successfully implement best practices and cost-cutting strategies.

One Hour Webinar


With so many grey areas, it can be difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding workers' compensation. It is also an area in which many organizations inadvertently overspend. Are you confused by the complexities of workers' comp? Is your organization spending too much on claims?

Workers' compensation costs continue to climb sky-high. Higher costs each year can affect an organization on multiple levels. Resources are short, productivity and morale is down, hiring practices change, and legal liability risks increase. Controlling workers' comp costs is one of the most significant ways to trim the fat from your budget, keep production rolling smoothly, and ensure your organization stays out of legal hot water.

Are you confident that you could handle the following situations?

  • An employee comes to you wishing to file a workers' compensation claim for an accident he said occurred on the job. When relating the incident to superiors, the employee changed his story in significant ways and there are no witnesses to confirm or deny his story. Can you investigate this as a fraudulent claim?

  • A carpool of employees on their way to work is rear-ended and three employees suffer whiplash injuries. Is this a covered workers' compensation claim?

  • One of your employees has a pre-existing condition that has become aggravated by a work-related injury. Is the treatment of this pre-existing condition now part of the employee's workers' compensation claim?

If your organization is experiencing an excessive amount of workers' compensation claims, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. You need to take a careful look at management policies, safety procedures, hiring practices, and job training programs with this workshop.

This information-filled program brings you practical tools and strategies to proactively address potentially volatile situations and problem employees before they turn in to costly claims. You'll learn how to navigate through workers' comp laws and discover how to confront the "Bermuda Triangle" — the complex ways in which workers' comp, FMLA, and ADA regulations overlap.

It is estimated that workers' compensation costs are up nearly 50% in the last three years. This program is designed to deliver real-world solutions that other successful organizations are using right now. We'll shed new light on the complexities of workers' compensation laws and help you safely and legally manage claims, implement cost-cutting strategies, and utilize industry best practices.

Don't let the complexities of workers' compensation cost your organization any more. In one hour of targeted-training you'll learn how to control costs, eliminate wasteful spending, put a stop to fraudulent claims, and save your organization money!

What You'll Learn

  • How workers' compensation actually works
  • How to handle recreational injuries that become workers' comp claims
  • Similarities and differences between workers' compensation laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • How the exclusive remedy rule protects both employers and employees
  • Where and how to reduce costs associated with workers' comp
  • What benefits workers' compensation covers
  • Strategies to fight workers' comp fraud

Who Will Benefit

HR professionals, safety managers, workers' comp specialists, supervisors and managers, risk management specialists, anyone who is responsible for handling workers' compensation claims.

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