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What NOT to Say to Your Customers

Effective tips and tricks to improve customer relationships

One Hour Webinar

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Building customer relations takes time and effort and cannot be rushed. Losing the trust of your customers can happen with just one ill-timed comment.

Even when you think you are doing your best to be helpful, what you say — and how you say it — can mean the difference between continuing a relationship and ending one.

Anything you say to a customer can be used against you, so it is imperative to be well prepared and collected when dealing with any customer, especially those who may be upset. While you can't be prepared for every situation, certain comments that seem innocent to you can be perceived by your customers as patronizing, insulting or even rude. Prepare yourself with this informative workshop.

What NOT to Say to Customers is a one-hour program that will teach you the seven things NEVER to say to your customers.

Stop losing customers and start turning negative situations into positive ones with this one-hour customer relationship management training. Purchase this can't-miss webinar today to learn tips, tricks and techniques to defuse potentially explosive situations with your customers.

What You'll Learn

  • Attitude is everything — first impressions matter
  • How to sharpen your listening skills
  • Different ways to take responsibility
  • What to do when the customer really is wrong
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is designed for people who face customers regularly including retail salespeople, sales professionals, servers, housekeepers, bartenders or any other job with a focus on customer service.

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