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Writing for the Web

How to engage today's online readers

One Hour Webinar

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Today, many people spend more time reading online material than they do printed newspapers, books or catalogs. However, they might not realize that with immediate access to internet information, their reading habits have changed — and so should your writing methods.

When faced with the prospect of promoting your business online, updating your organization's website or writing virtual copy for the first time, does panic start to set in? Don't get frustrated! In just one hour with our class, you'll gain successful strategies and tech-savvy tips for hooking readers and keeping them engaged.

In addition to knowing grammar guidelines and communication techniques, as a writer you're responsible for keeping up to date with the best practices for creating and editing online content. You hardly have time to get information written, much less have time to compose compelling content, find eye-catching visual elements and ensure your layout is easy-to-follow.

Do you find yourself searching for these answers when it comes to writing for the Web?

  • How long should my paragraphs be?
  • Is there a way to build credibility for my website?
  • How do I attract my target audience?
  • What format is best for highlighting the most important information?
  • How often should I update my Web page?
  • What are key words and how often should I use them?
  • Is there certain verbiage I should avoid putting online?

If you're unsure about any of the above online writing techniques, you owe it to yourself and your organization to attend this one-hour web writing training course.

Regardless of your writing expertise or skill level, this exciting program will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to write dynamic, effective copy to reach your audience and get results. Enroll in our workshop today!

What You'll Learn

Don't spend another minute worrying that you don’t have the skills necessary to write Web copy. In just one hour of power-packed training, you will learn:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips
  • How to format your copy and organize your text
  • The importance of images and keywords
  • Strategies to enhance your website's credibility
  • Guidelines for shaping your copy according to key words
  • How to ensure your writing complies with online standards, is easy to find, keeps readers interested and much more!

Who Will Benefit

Marketing professionals, small business owners, office managers, public relations personnel and promotional staff — or anyone who is responsible for writing, creating or updating your organization's website.

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