Transitioning from Staff to Supervisor

Meet the challenges of your new leadership role with confidence, self-assurance and professionalism

One Hour Webinar


Have you recently been promoted from a staff member into a supervisory or managerial role? Do you find it difficult to give orders to those who were your peers and are now your subordinates? If you're worried about maintaining relationships, managing your to-do list and monitoring your new team, this powerful new program is for you!

Your competence, abilities and hard work have finally paid off. Now you are the one in charge. However, there are numerous challenges that accompany your new responsibilities. People who were your peers are now your subordinates. You are forced to put friendships and favoritism aside—and possibly even face disciplining employees who may have previously been friends. Additionally, you have to work hard to build trust, gain credibility and earn respect from both your superiors and your subordinates. Clearly, you have a tough task ahead of you.

Moving into a position of leadership and authority can be one of the most difficult transitions to make in the workplace. In addition to the new challenges you face and high expectations you must meet, it's imperative that you learn how to effectively communicate, motivate and delegate to achieve success. You're judged not only on your performance and decision making, but also on your ability to inspire and encourage your employees to achieve great things. Finding a balance between "being the boss" and maintaining positive relationships with your employees is the key to navigating your new duties and requires strong communication skills and the ability to delegate effectively.

If you're unsure of your ability to handle even one of the issues listed above, enroll in this information-packed workshop. You’ll find the answers you are looking for and gain tips and strategies for becoming a leader who exudes confidence and composure. You'll learn how to manage your tasks and team in a way that gets real results and you’ll develop an arsenal of skills and techniques for dealing with the issues you'll encounter in your new supervisory or managerial role.

This new supervisor training workshop will provide you with the management skills you need to step into a new position of authority with enthusiasm, self-assurance and confidence.

Taking on the new challenges and responsibilities of an authority figure can be stressful for anyone, especially if you are moving from "peer" to "boss." Now that you are faced with the task of leading others, meeting higher expectations and making difficult decisions, learn to embrace your new role and move forward in your career. This class offers proven methods, sound advice and expert strategies for transitioning from staff to supervisor with poise and professionalism!

What You'll Learn

  • Handle new tasks such as hiring, taking disciplinary action and even firing with composure and competence
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities firmly and fairly
  • Resolve conflicts that, as a coworker, you may have previously ignored
  • Teach coworkers who used to lean on you how to fend for themselves
  • Motivate employees who are simply "in it for the paycheck"
  • Differentiate your role as a "boss" and a "friend"
  • Grow your employees through clear and concise feedback that inspires achievement

Who Will Benefit

Individuals who have recently taken on a leadership role and those who will be moving into supervisory positions soon — as well as managers, supervisors and team leaders who have been in a management role for less than a year will learn to improve their delegation skills and increase their effectiveness as an authority figure!

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