Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Salesforce® Administrators

Learn to make the most of your organization's customer data with this Salesforce admin training

One Hour Webinar

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Are you battling with colleagues who cannot see the potential of Salesforce? Is there a lack of support to make the system really work for your organization? Are you considering implementation, but your organization has unyielding processes?

According to, more than 100,000 companies use Salesforce as their customer relationship management solution. Salesforce is a powerful, useful one-stop-shop that tracks activity, manages contacts and brings customer data to you on the go. It has the capability to revolutionize how you conduct business in and out of the office. As an end user or an administrator, finding the best system to maximize your efficiency and track opportunities to maximize revenue is essential. With such a customizable program available, why isn’t everyone using it?

Change is difficult. A successful adoption is not just about the software, but about the users! Salesforce training online is an excellent way to get your organization ready to adopt. To ensure success, you need to consider the basics of how Salesforce can help your team accomplish their daily and short-term goals. We’d like to help!

What You'll Learn

  • See the software capabilities and get tips for successful adoption
  • Navigate Salesforce program essentials
  • Organize custom views to quickly pull the information you frequently need
  • Manage communications, contacts and accounts
  • Explore useful forecasts and opportunity splits to track performance

Who Will Benefit

Administrative Support and End Users; Small to Mid-size businesses; Salesforce beginners; Sales Managers and Sales Representatives

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