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Effective & Efficient Project Management Skills for Anyone

Define, direct and control your projects with this project management basics training

One Hour Webinar

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Life happens. Projects happen. Emails, phone calls, meetings, calendars, tasks to complete, items to create, deadlines to meet, you wonder how anything ever gets done. If you’re thrown into leading a major project or you’re encountering a difficult series of multitasking challenges for the first time, taking control of a project from beginning to end can be intimidating and overwhelming. When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project while juggling numerous other day to day tasks and responsibilities at the same time and you’re trying to figure out the steps or tools to make it all happen, you’re an accidental project manager.

Managing the multiple projects both life and work can bring often seems like a bigger project than any project itself. When you’re faced with an overwhelming collective of tasks, projects, assignments, directives and an ever expanding “to do” list that seemed to appear overnight, it can lead you to feel as though life is an endless series of projects within projects. For those who find themselves in charge of a project but have no clue where to start or how to balance the project with their other work is a difficult and daunting task. It can be even more difficult if you’re not a project manager by trade or profession.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you fallen into the recurring role of being the “go to” person for special projects?
  • Are your daily plans often sidetracked and derailed by additional, unexpected duties, assignments, projects and responsibilities?
  • Are you finding that work is an ongoing series of tasks and deadlines?
  • Are you often faced with where to start when every task is a "top priority”?
  • Do you often feel like a professional juggler, juggling time, tasks and resources?
  • Do you find yourself spending hours planning projects, gathering resources, engaging teams, monitoring and assuring progress and reporting on results to other people?
  • Are you a business professional where project management is a secondary responsibility but you’re often asked to manage extensive tasks and assignments?
  • Have you been assigned a new task and just don’t know where or how to start?
  • Do you need guidance in grasping the basics of project management best practices?

  • Whether you've found yourself in charge of a project for the first time and don’t know where to begin or you’re encountering a difficult series of tasks and feeling overwhelmed, Effective & Efficient Project Management Skills for Anyone will provide essential project management basics and essential elements that will remove stress and yield success. In a field bombarded with overly complicated frameworks, theories and process models, this webinar is a straightforward project management course for beginners who find themselves in charge of a project but are unfamiliar with the steps towards making it come together or those who find themselves feeling overwhelmed by an onset of multiple projects, tasks, assignments and responsibilities.

What You'll Learn

  • What defines a project
  • How to define project management
  • How to launch the initial handling of a project
  • How to monitor project risks and pitfalls
  • How to overcome initial project and task management stumbling blocks and hurdles
  • How to manage projects productively and efficiently
  • How to break projects and tasks down into manageable pieces
  • How to avoid the common mistakes often made in project management
  • How to develop accurate and realistic performance and time estimates
  • How to manage multiple projects without losing effectiveness and losing your sanity
  • How to manage projects and still make time for your daily work
  • Who Will Benefit

    Individuals who are new to project management, professionals for whom project management is a secondary part of their job, newly assigned project managers, anyone that may be in project management, those who are assigned special projects in addition to their regularly assigned duties, managers, supervisors, administrative assistants, program directors, business owners and anyone juggling multiple tasks and assignments.

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