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Do you have the right people assigned to the right task for the right project? Are you actively promoting your best employee, or are they leaving your company for better opportunities? Do your newest employees have the chance to excel and advance, or do they quit because they think they were hired for a “dead end” job?

Many companies have realized that their success isn’t just about increasing revenues or reducing expenses. It’s also about managing and developing their most important assets: the talented people who work for them.

In years past, there was an expectation that people would be hired at an entry-level position, stay with the company for years and gradually move up the leadership ladder. On occasion, these promotions happened, not because the person being promoted was the most qualified, but because they had been there the longest. In today’s business environment, companies have learned that skill and knowledge trump tenure. They actively plan ways to hire the best people and to deploy their most talented employees the best way possible. Human Resources departments worldwide are the key in making this happen.

Talent management has become the mantra of successful companies. But what exactly do you need to know to do it properly? Find out in this interesting talent management training webinar that will provide the tips you need to know. After this fast-paced session, you will be able to set up a simple and effective talent management strategy to help your company maximize employee potential.

What You'll Learn

  • Key points included in a talent management plan and why your company needs one
  • How to create a plan that reflects your company’s business objectives
  • How to create an easy-to-understand matrix to help you identify key talent
  • How to prepare your employees for promotion
  • Information your company needs to track to ensure success
  • Who Will Benefit

    Anyone in human resources or in any level of management that want to make sure the company’s most talented employees are reaching their full potential.

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