Successful Email Marketing

Best practices to communicate with customers and remain CAN-SPAM compliant

One Hour Webinar


The goal of email marketing is to ensure your message gets to the right people and then convert those messages into a sale. Whether trying to attract new customers, develop customer loyalty or deploy the most effective transactional messages, best practices exist to get the best possible results.

Additionally, staying within communication laws is vital to avoid being blacklisted by email providers. If this happens, your customers won't receive the messages and this can cost the company revenue. In this one-hour workshop, learn the latest email marketing best practices and techniques to make the next email marketing campaign a success.

Email marketing is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to gain customers and business. Make sure you know the proper channels to utilize as well as the best ways to reach customers. Enroll in our class today!

What You'll Learn

  • Trust elements — remaining CAN-SPAM compliant, stay within privacy laws, the importance of the "from" line and conveying the right message
  • Engagement — Communicating value, placement of relevant content, the importance of good timing and integrating the look of the message with your brand
  • Convey a clear call to action — ensuring customers know what is expected of them
  • Word of mouth — making it easy to both subscribe and spread messages
  • Optimize content — improving results and how to measure them
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is designed for business owners, managers and all email marketers who want to learn more about email marketing.

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