Stress Management for Women

Learn how to beat stress-caused tension, frustration and fatigue — and change forever the way you manage your active, vigorous agenda

One Hour Webinar


Do you long for the ability to control the demands, pressures and problems you face every day? Would you benefit from lowering your stress level and maintaining your composure in high-pressure situations? Get a handle on your tension and anxiety today!

Demanding lives will never be totally without stress, but that's okay! In fact, experts agree that the right amount of stress can fuel your energy level, creativity and productivity. The real challenge is learning to find — and operate at — your personal optimum stress level, while protecting yourself from dangerous overstress.

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Can you accurately identify and manage the various stressors in your life? Do you know how to:

  • Stay calm and focused in the face of deadlines and emergencies, when everything is RUSH and URGENT?
  • Take the heat off yourself without lowering your standards?
  • Stop your career from overrunning your personal life (and vice versa)?
  • Recognize the appropriate level of stress for yourself and know how much is too much?
  • Differentiate self-induced stress from that caused by external factors?

As a woman, you face a unique set of personal and professional demands in your everyday life. The ability to manage the stressors of the workplace with those from your personal life can be overwhelming, especially when others seek you out for help with their problems and crises. Your emotions can also get in the way when you're striving for perfection while juggling projects, priorities and deadlines. Whatever stress triggers you struggle with, this training is here to help!

Don't spend another day struggling to achieve and maintain the balanced lifestyle you long for! Enroll today! You owe it to yourself to gain the skills provided in this program and start living the life you deserve!

Discover the secrets to identifying stressors in your life and managing them successfully.

Message for Managers
Do you supervise women who could benefit from this training? How would you, your team or your organization benefit from employees gaining tips and techniques that could enhance performance and minimize stress-related health issues? For one low price, you can enroll all the women on your team and watch their successes come to life with the strategies and solutions learned in this powerful program.

What You'll Learn

  • The eight R's for stress management
  • The difference between psychological, situational and physiological gauges of stress
  • The 3-D approach to turning procrastination into action
  • How to evaluate your current lifestyle to see how vulnerable you are to negative effects of stress
  • Techniques for managing self-talk and tips for overcoming self-induced stress and perfectionism
  • Five critical questions to ask when you feel pressure building
  • How to put anger at bay; six techniques to cool down and retain your composure
  • The importance of developing a sense of humor and learning to have fun again
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Any professional businesswoman who wants to gain control over the stressors in life, both professionally and personally.

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