Social Media Privacy and Security in the Medical Profession

Social media is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with innovative collaborations that redefine doctor-patient relations. However, the use of online technology carries significant risks including security breaches and privacy violations under HIPAA. As healthcare organizations and medical professionals tap into social media’s unlimited possibilities, minimizing risk exposure remains an ongoing key concern.

It's crucial that your organization creates relevant, enforceable communication that is up-to-date and a win-win for your organization, its people and its patients. With this one-hour workshop, you'll get the latest and best information to help maximize the benefits of social media, while you protect your patients and minimize legal risk.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I considered the ramifications of social media misuse in the healthcare environment?
  • Have I addressed the issue of security risks and privacy, both of which are of critical concern for medical professionals, who operate under strict federal laws such as HIPAA which protects the privacy of patients’ healthcare information?
  • Have I considered the fact that many of the actions conducted online tend to leave a digital trail that could impact or significantly affect the handling of protected patient information?

It's imperative that every member of your healthcare organization learns what it takes to manage ever-evolving online communication forums, recognize necessary safeguards for security compliance and understand what it takes to ensure data protection and patient privacy.

Don't spend another minute leaving your medical organization vulnerable to the abuse or mishandling of social media. Our course teaches you how to create a set of social media guidelines that will keep your staff and patients current and your organization on the cutting edge, without compromising the standard of best in care.

Enroll in this social media marketing training class today!

In just one hour of insightful training, this program will provide you with:

  • Discussion of how social media is changing the world of healthcare
  • Relevant and applicable examples of how social media is being used in the Healthcare Industry
  • Tips for understanding how the savvy e-patient is changing the face of healthcare
  • Best practices concerning social media patient-to-provider-to-patient interactions
  • The inherent risks of using social media in the medical industry
  • Strategies for adhering to HIPAA regulations and protecting PHI
  • What you need to know about both healthcare blogs and patient blogs
  • Ongoing issues and challenges as healthcare and social media evolve
  • Techniques for incorporating and regulating social media into healthcare management
  • Effective tactics for creating and implementing a healthcare industry specific social media policy and standard of conduct
  • Ideas for ongoing compliance monitoring
  • What's ahead: the future of healthcare in the social media landscape

This webinar is essential for physicians, nurses, healthcare staff, therapists, administrative professionals in the medical industry, executive leadership, medical consultants, attorneys, human resources professionals and other professionals who use social media tools as it relates to the medical profession and want to ensure consistent and ongoing adherence and compliance to the law, the safety of their jobs, their organizations, their patients' wellbeing and more.