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Records Retention Guidelines for Financial Institutions

Successfully navigate retention and destruction regulations to ensure your processes are consistent, compliant and up-to-date

One Hour Webinar

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For financial institutions, your records and files, both paper and electronic, must be meticulously managed and maintained in an effort to ensure your data is kept up to date and in compliance with a variety of legal standards. The future of your organization depends on it. Does your company have systematic, comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure you're retaining and destroying records appropriately, or could you be headed for legal hot water?

Creating policies and processes for organizing, storing, archiving, and destroying any organization's critical business documents can be overwhelming — but for financial institutions, it's even more complex given the legal guidelines that must be followed at all times. Not only is it important to know what information is stored, how it's stored, and where, it's imperative that documents and files be destroyed appropriately and in a timely manner to comply with government regulations. In today's volatile political and legal climate, financial institutions must make every effort to meet national and state rules and regulations.

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Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical that financial institutions maintain accurate records, store and dispose of them properly, and have the ability to access them immediately when required to do so.

In just one fast-paced hour, this timely webinar will provide you with the information you need to ensure your records retention program is effective, efficient, and in complete compliance with regulatory and legislative practices. Our records retention expert will show you how to encourage your employees to implement the new policies and procedures you initiate, offer tools and tips for keeping your program on track, and cover methods best suited to your organization's needs for storage, retrieval, and destruction. You will discover step-by-step retention procedures, locate need-to-know information on streamlining storage and access processes, learn how to establish proper destruction and disposal methods, and quickly become familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements your financial organization will face.

Failure to retain critical documents and information according to legal standards can land your organization in serious trouble. On the other hand, every record that is kept opens up the potential for sensitive information to be compromised. Therefore, failure to dispose of secure information can be equally if not more harmful. This power-packed program will provide you with the guidelines, answers, and up-to-the-minute specifics for creating a clear and simple records retention system that will allow you to fully comply with the latest state and federal regulations.

Records Retention Guidelines for Financial Institutions will help you take a practical approach to managing and maintaining your files, documents, and data in a way that saves time and minimizes potential legal hassles down the road.

Don't wait to register for this powerful hour of targeted training! What you learn here will keep you and your employees on top of all the legal requirements and guidelines for records retention, maintenance, and destruction — and out of legal trouble!

What You'll Learn

  • Specific rules and regulations that apply to your location and business
  • Which records must be retained, how long to retain them, and how to properly store them
  • Why knowing what records to destroy — and when to destroy them — can be as important as knowing what to retain
  • Specific concerns for financial institutions
  • What exceptions apply to your organization, and under what circumstances
  • Federal rules, statutes and regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, and others
  • Legal issues that can affect your document destruction process — what you need to know now
  • Communication and training practices to help your employees follow new retention procedures to the letter
  • Where to find helpful resources and information to answer further questions about records retention and destruction

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is designed for people who are responsible for developing, overseeing, and maintaining an effective records retention, access, and destruction program for financial institutions, including human resources personnel, managers and supervisors, accountants, administrators, controllers, bookkeepers, and legal council.

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