QuickBooks® Online Pro for Bookkeepers and Accountants

Using QuickBooks Online for sub-accounts, reconciliation, analysis, complex credits, prepayments, refunds, barters and more.

One Hour Webinar

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The IRS Data Book reported 5.36 million civil penalties from data handling errors that amassed to more than $7 billion in fines. A Bloomberg BNA study revealed that 27% of accounting mistakes were made at just the data entry level alone. Don’t let your business fall victim to bookkeeping or accounting errors. Learn simple strategies for working with complex operations using QuickBooks Online.

Accountants and bookkeepers do more than just accurately record the daily transactions of a business. Between tricky banking transactions and comprehensive expense reporting, proper bookkeeping is how a businesses position is tracked on a daily basis.

In this 1-hour webinar, understand the most efficient methods for cataloging and analyzing data to avoid bookkeeping mistakes. Tackle the challenges of sub-accounts, reconciliation, analysis, complex credits, prepayments, refunds, barters, deposits and more.

Learn how to comprehensively utilize QuickBooks Online for all your company’s bookkeeping and accounting needs, while tackling problems as they arise with confidence and efficiency.

What You'll Learn

  • How to navigate the ins and outs of subaccounts.
  • How to properly categorize customers, jobs and vendors.
  • Track the job profitability analysis.
  • Record customer prepayments.
  • Break down customer credits and refunds.
  • Methods for tracking consignments and barters.
  • Identify vendor deposits, credits, and refunds.
  • Outline a bounced check workflow.
  • Troubleshoot bank reconciliation.
  • Methods to reset and correct reconciliation adjustments.
  • How to handle unclear transactions.
  • Understand proactive accounting to avoid future problems.

Who Will Benefit

Professionals and business owners working in accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and other positions with fiscal responsibility.

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