Paralegal Proofing

Eliminate mistakes that could damage your credibility

One Hour Webinar


In any profession, proofreading is an important extension of your communication skills and can make or break your credibility. In the legal profession, proofreading can take on a whole new level of importance as one small mistake can be the difference between your firm winning and losing a case.

If you've ever been embarrassed by a typo in a legal document, missed an important word when reviewing a contract, had a legal document thrown out by a judge due to an incorrect citation or even transposed a number in a document —this webinar is for you. A single wrong word can potentially change an entire document and create legal headaches for both your clients and your team.

With just one hour for this paralegal training course, you'll learn how to create clear, concise and mistake-free documents. In addition, you'll learn how to apply these techniques to other legal documents you review. This program will show you how to be both fast and accurate.

Don't let your firm lose a case because of a proofreading mistake. Attend this workshop and learn how to eliminate any and all mistakes that can cause a case to get thrown out the window. Sign up today!

What You'll Learn

  • Common mistakes in legal documents
  • Things you must know when proofreading legal documents
  • Proofreading vs. editing — when and how to effectively use both
  • What to look for and what to include when using legal citations in your documents
  • Formatting rules to remember
  • Technology — what's available and how to use it to your advantage

Who Will Benefit

Paralegals, Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistants, Legal Support Staff and others in the legal profession will all benefit from this course in legal proofreading.

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