A Post COVID-19 World

Planning the Transition Back to Work 

One Hour Webinar

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As quarantine orders begin to be lifted, organizations will need to be ready to fluidly transition to a new normal. What are the factors that must be considered for successful moves back to collaborative and communal work environments? How might this evolution look different for business leaders, managers and employees? In this one-hour webinar geared toward business owners, team supervisors and HR leaders, we’ll look at some of the challenges, considerations and tips for transitioning employees from their homes and remote work environments back to working in shared office spaces. You’ll learn how to determine which employees may need to return first, along with communicating any policy, procedure or business changes. Will your company institute new health and safety measures such as temperature checks upon arrival, or a special sanitization process each night? Is your organization liable if an employee contracts COVID-19 and infects others after returning back to work? Learn the answers to these important questions and more by attending this timely webinar.

What You'll Learn

  • How to develop and execute a confident and safe transition plan. Do you begin with a staggered return, or one shared start date? What are the pros and cons of each scenario and what other options should be considered?
  • Tips on if you should consider keeping work from home options for some employees—particularly those who might have a hard time finding childcare.
  • Ways to integrate new procedures like a daily Health Check into the routine, along with any new policies or business changes that have developed as a result of COVID-19.
  • How to handle sanitization and social distancing (if required) in the workplace once employees return.
  • Procedures for developing a plan if an employee in the workplace tests positive or exposes others to COVID while at work.
  • What, if any, liability your organization may face if someone gets sick and dies of COVID after returning to work.
  • How to manage the disparity between the impact COVID has had on your business compared to that of your vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors.
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