Paralegal Ethics

Understand general codes, guidelines and obligations to ensure professional conduct

One Hour Webinar


Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) is a serious issue facing paralegals, legal secretaries and others who work within the legal system, but are not lawyers.

If you think that most UPL instances involve shady characters posing as lawyers, raking in fees as they offer legal counsel to those who are ignorant, unfortunate or downtrodden, you'd be mistaken. While many UPL situations do involve people deliberately trying to offer legal advice and counsel without benefit of a law degree, other instances involve paralegals and legal professionals who unknowingly perform actions in their jobs that can be construed as "practicing law."

As a paralegal or other legal professional, it is up to you to be aware of the boundaries, legal issues and proceedings surrounding UPL. Many times the attorneys you work with are not fully aware of these "gray areas" themselves! By utilizing this training class to educate yourself on the finer points of UPL, you are protecting yourself, the firm, your clients and the attorneys you work for.

In this comprehensive one-hour webinar, we'll help you recognize the warning signs that you may be participating in UPL. We will cover the most common situations that can lead to UPL. This includes the management of actions and proceedings on behalf of clients before judges and courts, the drafting of documents, the preparation of pleadings and other papers that pertain to special proceedings and the preparation and conveyance of legal materials of all kinds.

Don't wait to register for this exciting webinar. What you learn here will help you understand the often confusing gray areas of UPL, and ensure you are performing your duties within the limits of the law.

This program is an ideal course for newer paralegals as well as an excellent refresher for those who are more experienced. Just one fast-paced hour is all it takes to gain a thorough understanding of what constitutes UPL. Learn how to avoid the serious consequences that may result from violating UPL rules and regulations.

What You'll Learn

  • How do you determine if someone is "practicing law"?
  • What constitutes giving legal advice?
  • Under what terms may a lawyer permit a paralegal to assist in the lawyer's representation of a client?
  • To what degree must an attorney exercise supervision of a paralegal?
  • What can paralegals do to prevent UPL?

Who Will Benefit

Paralegals, attorneys, legal document preparers, legal secretaries, court staff, corporate legal counsel and any other professionals who are employed within the legal system.

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