Make IT Documentation Less Painful

Take simple steps to accurately and efficiently document your programming and code

One Hour Webinar


For programmers, a neglected part of the process is often the documentation needed to pass along your code in the future. Not only will others benefit but you may need the documentation in order to remember what goes where in a given program. No matter how well coded a program is, without the correct notations, it is easy to forget and miscode in the future.

Becoming a good programmer means developing your skills as a good writer, too. The main benefit of documenting your work is to be able to understand the coding as it was originally intended. From there, you can use a well-documented piece of coding time and time again as a trusted and accurate resource.

This webinar will teach you many valuable aspects of programming documentation, including what sort of documentation you SHOULD be producing. By learning the proper way to document your programming and code, you will make everybody's life easier, including your own! Don't skip out on a vital step of programming. Register today and learn how to document your code properly and easily!

What You'll Learn

In just one hour, you'll learn:

  • Methods to quickly and easily take a blank document and fill it with well-written code
  • How to efficiently write while you are coding
  • Why your writing and coding is as important as the technical writers'

Who Will Benefit

IT programmers, code specialists, administrators, developers and any professional whose job duties involve coding and/or programming shouldn't miss this information-packed webinar.

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