60 Minutes of Outlook® Secrets 2013

One Hour Webinar


Workshop covers Outlook 2013, previous and later versions. Demoed in Outlook 2013

Do you see your email, calendar and tasks as a hill you have to climb each day? Outlook, a premier productivity tool, should be working for you, not making you work harder!

Outlook is where most business professionals begin and end their day. In fact, email and calendar invitations are where most important action items stem from. With more calls to action to answer in the same amount of time we had yesterday, managing this influx is crucial to productivity and, in fact, survival in the day-to-day business world.

Most people think they know everything they need to about Outlook. How long has e-mail been around? But, what you don’t know about it is costing you hours of effort and duplicated actions. You may be missing meetings or wondering how so many meetings got crammed into the same time slot! There is so much Outlook has to offer to keep you on track with your tasks, help you know the right things to work on and schedule time effectively. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Think about your daily life in Microsoft Outlook. Do you ever find yourself:

  • Reading an e-mail message you could swear you just read two minutes ago?
  • Slogging through hundreds of messages just to find the important one from the customer you’re on the phone with RIGHT NOW?
  • Struggling to stay out of “e-mail jail” with your systems administrator because you’re keeping too much in your inbox and subfolders?
  • Making apologies to meeting hosts who thought you had their meeting confirmed, but you show something else for that time slot?
  • Longing to see an empty inbox at the end of the day?
  • Copying and pasting from calendars to e-mail and from e-mail to tasks to repurpose Outlook-based information?
  • Forgetting to do the fourth step in a repeatable five step process with often received information requests?

Outlook offers many out-of-the-box features to help you master your workload. Some solutions are even automated with “set it and forget it” functionality that does a lot of the tedious sorting and forwarding for you. What can you do with the time you save not doing redundant, pesky tasks?

In just one information-packed hour of Outlook training, you’ll learn how to tame Outlook 2013 problems and make it into the workhorse you need it to be. 60 Minutes of Outlook® 2013 Secrets offers tips, tricks and shortcuts to that streamline your daily communication and scheduling work. We'll help you customize your email experience so that it suits the way you work, addressing your particular business processes and priorities. From project tasks and contact management, to customer contact and workload prioritization, Outlook offers a host of features that will keep you organized, focused and working on the right things.

In this one hour class, you'll discover the hidden power of Outlook… coupled with all the Outlook 2013 apps, features and functions that will help you become more efficient and more effective! Discover just how easy it is to make Outlook work for you with this informative course and enjoy all the time you're saving each day!

What You'll Learn

  • Master the four "D"s of decision-making: delete it, do it, delegate it or defer it
  • Understand how to customize what you see in Outlook so that the tools you need are at your fingertips
  • Discover strategies that not only get your email and calendar cleaned up, but that keep you that way
  • Apply categories in four different ways to give you at-a-glance functionality for e-mail, calendar items, tasks and more
  • Learn the right way to use folders to keep you out of the time-stealing double-click, double-click., double-click trap
  • Set up Outlook as your automated personal assistant with rules and Quick Steps to handle repetitive tasks
  • Discover tricks to use Outlook as a project management tool
  • Repurposing Outlook information to solve everyday communication and scheduling to do items
  • Wrist and hand-saving shortcuts to enable you to work more ergonomically in the tool you’re in most of the day
  • Hidden options and customizations that can keep you from making the same mistakes over and over
  • Learn more about the new interface and Outlook 2013 design to maximize efficiency

Who Will Benefit

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, administrative specialists, marketers — anyone and everyone who uses Microsoft Outlook and is looking for a way to add hours back into their days!

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