Microsoft Excel Made Easy

Get familiar with the basics: functions, formulas, commands and more

One Hour Webinar


Covers Excel 2010 and previous versions. Demoed in Excel 2010

Are you looking to pump up your productivity with Excel, but frustrated with or fearful of the latest upgrade? Get to know Microsoft Excel … and take advantage of the most advanced, streamlined, and user-friendly version of this powerful program!

Microsoft Excel is one of today's most useful and versatile business tools. However, if you're not familiar with its basic functions, formulas, commands, and keystrokes, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Whether you are just beginning to use Excel or looking to upgrade your knowledge and advance your skills, Microsoft Excel Made Easy will help you discover the amazing data analysis tools that will make it easy to achieve your information goals. In just one hour, you'll learn to make the most of everything Excel has to offer!

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Excel 2007/2010 is truly revolutionary: for the first time, you don't have to search through all those pull-down menus, toolbars, and task panes. The program's simplified command control structure — the Ribbon — puts all of your favorite features and functions at your fingertips. Many of Excel's most powerful commands are now easier than ever to use and offer a streamlined process for tracking, organizing, and analyzing your data quickly and accurately.

Are you still unsure of whether you could benefit from Excel 2007/2010? Do you have the software, but find yourself wondering:

  • How hard will it be to use this new version of Excel?
  • Have some of my favorite features from previous versions of Excel disappeared, or have they been moved?
  • Will the formulas and functions that I have used in the past work the same way they did before?
  • Are there new shortcuts, strategies, and techniques offered in Excel 2007/2010 that could simplify my workday?
  • If I switch to using 2007/2010, will I be able to manipulate older files?
  • Will I be able to share worksheets with colleagues who haven't upgraded their software?

If you have asked yourself any of the questions above, sign up for this Webinar and get the answers! In just one hour, you'll discover how much you can benefit from using this software … and just how simple it is to make the switch to the newest version of this powerful program! Microsoft Excel Made Easy, brought to you by the creators of the award-winning "Unlocking the Secrets" series, will help you discover all that Excel has to offer!

This course is truly an investment in your personal productivity. You'll find yourself using your newfound knowledge for all kinds of projects. Your work will go faster, your data will be cleaner and more accessible, and you'll "wow" your boss by pulling together reports with ease, accuracy, and speed. No longer will you struggle to make this upgrade work for you!

Don't spend another day wondering how to make Excel work for you! Enroll today in this power-packed program, and you'll be on your way to becoming a more confident, knowledgeable Excel user. Learn how to simplify data analysis, solve frustrating problems, and save time using the most powerful version of Excel yet!

What You'll Learn

  • Confidently navigate the program's environment and recognize everything the Ribbon has to offer
  • Find your favorite Excel features and learn about a tool that will ensure they are always at your fingertips
  • Understand how many of Excel's most popular functions work in this new software
  • Identify new features and functionalities that can save you time and enhance the way you use Excel
  • Utilize old worksheets and modify new ones so that they are accessible to everyone with whom you share data
  • Eliminate the fears and frustrations that come with upgrading to this latest version of Excel
  • Achieve amazing results for yourself and your organization

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, financial professionals, administrative assistants, marketers — anyone and everyone who uses Microsoft Excel or is contemplating upgrading to the newest version of Excel!

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