Microsoft® Excel® Formulas Made Easy

Easily automate calculations and tasks to increase efficiency with basic and advanced Excel formulas

One Hour Webinar


From sales numbers to customer records, inventory tracking to payroll information, data and numbers are all around. Working with Microsoft Excel is a daily requirement for many business professionals of all levels these days, whether they are manipulating spreadsheets, updating forecasts, analyzing revenue or deciphering data. With all of the information out there, and such an urgent need to simplify things and make sense of it all, how can you make Excel work for you and get the most from your data?

Simplify your calculations and learn to easily automate your data analysis with this Microsoft Excel Formulas Made Easy workshop. This powerful hour of Excel Formulas training will provide you with a refresher on some of Excel's everyday formulas, but also give you the in-depth knowledge you need to take your data analysis to a new level. With just a few key strokes and mouse clicks, you will be able to make sense of all the numbers and find out how one of Microsoft Excel's most powerful tools can turn data drudgery into accurate results. Enroll your team today in this Excel Formula class and discover the power of formulas!

Don't spend another day manually filtering information from your spreadsheets in order to find the answers to your most pertinent business questions. Utilize the built-in formulas that Excel has to offer and get accurate results in a snap!

Learn formulas that will help you with specific business tasks, such as:

  • Calculating loan repayment
  • Creating amortization tables
  • Identifying the potential future value of investments
  • Using Excel's discounting functions to analyze cash flow values and rates of return

Even if you have scratched the surface of Excel and can apply basic formulas to your spreadsheets, the automated features, optional formats and naming conventions associated with formulas can take your data validation and analysis to an advanced level! Get the knowledge you need to avoid misinterpreting critical data, losing precious time re-calculating or missing out on additional analysis already at your fingertips.

With all Excel's formulas have to offer, you can work smarter and faster — starting today! Many users are unaware of all the automation that can result from the application of appropriate formulas or are afraid to try out options more elaborate than adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Formulas can sound complicated, but once you learn how to apply a variety of these tools, you'll never go back to doing the math manually again

In this one-hour course, you'll discover the true simplicity of formulas … as well as the immediate applications they have to many of your day-to-day business tasks! Walk away from this program and be confident that you can manage your data more effectively, efficiently and accurately than you thought possible! Microsoft Excel Formulas Made Easy, brought to you by the creators of the award-winning "Unlocking the Secrets" series, will help you discover all Excel's formulas have to offer!

What You'll Learn

  • Streamline your work by applying formulas to your everyday tasks
  • Utilize the power of data validation formulas
  • Differentiate between relative and absolute reference formats
  • Save time by using names in your formulas and functions
  • Implement named cells and ranges to make your formulas more understandable
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, financial professionals, administrative assistants, marketers — anyone and everyone who uses Microsoft Excel and is looking for a way to add hours back into each day!

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