Microsoft® Access® Forms & Reporting Made Easy

Learn how to modify records in your database and produce professionally formatted reports that summarize data in a snap

One Hour Webinar


Covers Access® 2010 and previous versions. Demoed in Access 2010

Microsoft Access has become the software of choice for anyone who needs to organize, manage, store and share vast amounts of information. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the ability to maintain data such as sales stats, inventory requests, customer records, employee information, mailing lists and much more. With so much information at your fingertips, are you using the power of forms to easily modify your data records? Are you customizing the reporting techniques available to present your data professionally and accurately?

With an application as powerful as Microsoft Access, you can easily store and manage a vast amount of data is one location. However, with so much data in one place, it can be intimidating to try to get the output you're looking for or draw accurate conclusions from the numbers. Forms allow you to quickly and easily view a graphic representation of all the information in a particular table, which can simplify the process of editing and adding data. Once you have manipulated your data as needed, Access reporting tools let you see the information you want in the format you want, for an effective presentation every time.

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Are you harnessing the power of these advanced Access tools? Can you confidently …

  • Create and utilize queries and tables to enhance your forms and reports?
  • Move and resize controls to enhance your forms?
  • Troubleshoot problem forms and reports with ease?
  • Use the Design View to customize your forms?
  • Choose the appropriate format for a particular form or report?
  • Enhance your reports with tips and tricks the pros use?

If you are unsure of your ability to perform even one task listed above, this one-hour webinar is for you! Brought to you by the creators of the award-winning "Unlocking the Secrets" series, this Microsoft Access Forms & Reporting Made Easy workshop is an investment in your personal productivity. With the information you learn here about Access training, you'll be able to work faster, make sense of your data and utilize it in ways you never thought possible. In short, you'll be able to make your data easily work for you.

Don't spend another minute desperately searching through mounds of data or struggling to manipulate the numbers and produce real results. With this power-packed program, you'll learn insider secrets, savvy shortcuts and time-saving tips for creating, modifying and manipulating forms and reports that simplify data management and analysis — and streamline your workday. Immediately after the class, you'll be able to implement the tips and techniques you've learned and start adding hours back into your days!

A one-hour training course to make Access more accessible …

If your organization has important information stored in an Access database and you find yourself struggling to make use of the data, we're here to help. Using the power of Access forms and reporting, you can easily manage and maintain the data and information that flows through your team, department and organization.

Discover the multitude of functions you can quickly and easily perform using a combination of Access queries, forms and reports. We'll cover standard techniques to more complex analysis options.

From product inventory and vendor correspondence to contact information and employee stats, Access can help you maintain and manage your most important data. Now, get great training that will help you transform your data into easily accessible and readily understandable information that drives your business decisions and helps you and your organization achieve success! Save time, become more productive and put the power of Access forms and reports to work for you!

What You'll Learn

  • The essentials of creating effective queries — and why they are the basis for forms and reports
  • Tips for modifying data with queries, utilizing the functions of multi-table queries, and incorporating SQL to enhance your queries
  • Forms basics and how you can make them work for you
  • How to effectively utilize controls to get more from your forms
  • Ways to quickly view, modify and add data to existing forms
  • Secrets for creating and using multi-table forms with ease
  • Tricks for consolidating data for accurate and appropriate summarization
  • Troubleshooting tips that eliminate problem forms and reports
  • Advanced techniques for improving the look and feel of custom reports

Who Will Benefit

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, administrative specialists, marketers, financial professionals — every Microsoft Access user who wants to get more from this powerful program!

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