Mastering Communication Skills with Tact and Confidence

The interpersonal business skills you need to be successful remotely or in-the-office

One Hour Webinar


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73% of employers prefer candidates with strong communication skills. Knowing how to communicate with tact and professionalism can mean the difference between getting your view across and being misunderstood; getting the dream job or missing an opportunity; or building strong, positive working relationships rather than facing conflicts and barriers. Think of the “fast-track” professionals you know. It is not their technical expertise, hard knowledge or even superior intelligence that fosters their success. It is their exceptional management of human interactions and business situations — the same skills that you can possess to propel your career, boost productivity and experience job satisfaction. Whether you work with a few people in-person or manage hundreds remotely, our down-to-earth principles and easy-to-implement strategies within this 1-hour webinar promise to equip you to manage interactions and situations with more confidence, dexterity and professional assertiveness.

From the most reserved introvert to the most unfiltered extrovert, everyone can develop and refine their communication and social intelligence. We often think of sociability as an innate human trait, that people are born charismatic and personable. In truth, anyone can learn and master this important skill set and accelerate their career development and growth.

What You'll Learn

  • Tips to easily remember names and faces to establish rapport.
  • Specific unspoken rules and business etiquette for effective networking for both in-person and remote interactions.
  • How to project an impressive image of self-confidence, professionalism and competency.
  • Techniques on how to fit in with any group of businesspeople, no matter how little you may have in common.
  • Ways to express your identity while remaining professional.
  • Solutions to manage anger, conflict, betrayal and toxic personalities in a professional work environment.
  • Methods to give and receive productive criticism and feedback.
  • Techniques to use the art of metaphors to enhance and improve communication with others.
  • Quick recoveries from a faux pas and how to respond when someone else makes a mistake.
  • Lessons to read faces and subtle social cues.
  • Suggestions for crafting your messages for crystal-clear communication with business contacts.
  • Dos and don'ts of workspace decor (both remote and inside your office).

Who Will Benefit

Anyone needing a social boost to their professional career path. Supervisors and managers, team leaders, project managers, employees, receptionists, administrative assistants, executive assistants and office managers.

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