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Recording from event on 08/24/2017

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In today’s increasingly mobile workforce, leading virtual teams is an essential skill in your management arsenal. You might ask yourself, how do I gain the benefits of a wider talent pool without sacrificing company culture and face-to-face communication? With the best practices and foreknowledge of common challenges, you can achieve more with remote teams!

What You'll Learn

  • Discover best practices for successful mobile workforce management
  • Use strategic team building to develop uniquely diverse and creative collaboration
  • Overcome the challenges of leading and motivating team members who work in the home
  • Retain key talent and learn quick tips to guide communication
  • Learn tips to identify great remote work candidates
  • Find and eliminate productivity barriers for your remote staff
  • Connect with virtual teams and promote meet-ups to build culture and community

Who Will Benefit

Managers, directors and project leaders of remote teams, regional and area managers, directors and vice-presidents, HR managers and managers and supervisors of virtual teams.

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