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Managing Multiple Priorities for the Front Desk

Learn to manage your time and priorities with this front desk training

One Hour Webinar

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It’s 7:00 AM. A delivery clerk has packages waiting for your signature, three visitors are waiting for badges, a pile of memos need your attention, two employees are asking about letters in the mail trays you’ve not yet gotten to go through and your email and IM notifications are blinking. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, the phone rings. By 10:00 AM you’re confused, by noon you’re frazzled and behind on everything, by 2:00 you can’t find your coffee cup, much less the one scrap of paper you need and by 4:00 you’re not sure you’ll ever get to go home. Where did the time go? What was that phone number? How are you supposed to keep up?

Does this sound familiar?

Do your desk, inbox and computer desktop start out neat and tidy but become cluttered and unruly throughout the day or work week?

Do you plan out your day, but lose ground to chatty co-workers, add-on projects and unexpected interruptions?

Do you have multiple bosses or several people directing your activities, making it hard to decide which projects take priority?

Relax — no matter what the problem is, we can help with this front desk training webinar.

Receptionists are super-humans who can manage more things at once than most people, but even the best of us become overwhelmed when things get too chaotic. If you waste precious energy putting out fires and calming frantic callers, your other mundane tasks pile up and get the better of you. Your inbox fills up. Your desk gets cluttered. You get so far behind you can’t catch up — and when you come in the next morning, you’re not greeted with the nice, neat, Zen experience of a clean and tidy desk. Instead, you see only yesterday’s cleanup waiting for you.

As the receptionist, you’re the face of the company. That face should reflect calm efficiency, organized effectiveness and confident competence. It sounds impossible, but it’s completely attainable with this receptionist training.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll discover the secrets to managing front desk responsibilities to become more productive than you ever thought possible.

What You'll Learn

  • Pinpoint your most important priorities and decide how you must deal with each of them
  • Save hours every week with practical time-management tips
  • Discover how to treat each of your tasks like a project, and how to manage your projects like a pro
  • Schedule your prioritized deadlines to fit your workday with time built in for contingencies and interruptions
  • Create your own "shortcuts" to eliminate recurring frustrations that hinder your progress

Who Will Benefit

Anyone in a front-line role dealing with customers and visitors will benefit from this training.

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