LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

Ensuring a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment

One Hour Webinar


More than 8 million workers in the United States identify as LGBTQ+. In addition, the International Labor Organization reports that, “Companies with more inclusive business cultures and policies see a 59% increase in innovation and 37% better assessment of consumer interest and demand.” To onboard and retain the best and brightest talent, companies continue to evaluate how they approach diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all employees.

Do you have an LGBTQ+ friendly work environment that will attract the largest employee pool to ensure you hire the most qualified candidate? Does your workplace meet the expectations of your current LGBTQ+ employees? Does your business represent a modern workforce and utilize the best practices to ensure employee safety and respect, as well as avoid legal liability?

In this one-hour webinar, learn the keys to creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. Learn why inclusion is crucial from hiring, to onboarding and key components to promote employee retention. Understand how managers and team leaders plan an essential role in creating, promoting, fostering and preserving a safe, productive and inclusive LGBTQ+ workplace.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify what LGBTQ+ means and how to include this community into your current workplace.
  • How to break down barriers that divide.
  • Understand gender identity and expression.
  • Know what microaggressions look like and how to address them.
  • Know pronoun etiquette and best practices.
  • Understand why LGBTQ+ and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging training are important.
  • Learn how an inclusive climate attracts diverse talent, fosters trust and increases engagement at work.
  • Know the common challenges that LGBTQ+ employees face.
  • Learn how to avoid gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination.
  • Discover ways to be an ally and what allyship looks like.
  • Implement effective company measures and policies to build an inclusive, safe and productive environment for all.

Who Will Benefit

C-suite, Human Resources, managers, supervisors, team leaders and all employees who take workplace equity, employee retention and effective group morale seriously.

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