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LGBTQ+ Employment Rights

Discover what you need to know about LGBTQ+ employment rights and how to stay compliant

One Hour Webinar

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LGBTQ+ employees experience persistent discrimination and inequity in the workplace. They are continually denied employment opportunities, equal pay and sufficient access to healthcare based solely on their gender expression or perceived sexual orientation.

According to the UCLA William's Institute, 45% of employees report hearing LGBTQ+ discriminatory remarks in the workplace. This mistreatment of underrepresented people is a detriment that affects employee mental health, team morale and organizational productivity.

What role will you and your organization play? LGBTQ+ discrimination may place your organization in the crosshairs of legal liability and costly lawsuits. In 2021 alone, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) secured more than $484 million for victims of discrimination.

In this webinar, we share critical and essential information, following the life cycle of a discrimination claim in a compliant way that is both legally and ethically sound. Join this 1-hour webinar today and stay up to date with the latest LGBTQ+ legislation, keep your organization in compliance with the EEOC and ultimately create a more inclusive and productive workplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Decide the next steps to take if an employee is discriminated against.
  • Walk through the life cycle of a discrimination claim.
  • Learn how to document and report discrimination.
  • Define the seven most common forms of discrimination.
  • Outline privacy, confidentiality and disclosure concerns for HIV-positive employees.
  • Comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Educate on healthcare access rights and rights to transition related healthcare.
  • Retain transgender workplace rights and federal anti-discrimination laws.
  • Research your own state's anti-discrimination laws.
  • Acknowledge the most recent law changes and court challenges.

Who Will Benefit

C-suite, Human Resources, managers, supervisors, team leaders and all employees who take workplace equity, employee retention and effective group morale seriously.

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