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Leading in Times of Downsizing

One Hour Webinar

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Reduction-in-force (RIF), layoff, corporate downsizing, pink slip, right-sizing. Regardless of the chosen vocabulary, leading during an economic downturn requires decisive decision-making ability, along with a strong character and well-rounded business acumen that includes strategic planning, communication and problem-solving skills, selflessness, integrity and empathy. During this one-hour webinar, business owners, leaders, supervisors and managers will learn how to guide their organization and teams through challenging times. What factors should be taken into consideration when making difficult decisions? What are you willing to give up as a leader before asking your employees to sacrifice? How do you lead with transparency, honesty and humility while keeping your remaining workers inspired and engaged? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you lead your organization through adversity.

What You'll Learn

  • The role transparency plays during hardships. Learn what to share and when to share it.
  • How to create new goals that move your organization forward, even as you encounter reduction in employee manpower and morale.
  • Tips for planning ahead and focusing on big-picture changes that help reposition and align your organization.
  • Why leader sacrifice needs to happen before employee sacrifice.
  • How to tap into your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and why empathy and humility are defining characteristics of a true leader.
  • Methods for inspiring and motivating your workforce to continue achieving and meeting goals.

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