Leading Business in Times of Crisis

One Hour Webinar


Are you prepared to lead your organization through economic downturns, unpredictable upheavals and business-changing hardships? Uncertain times call for outstanding leadership. Protecting the long-term health of any organization falls not only to employees on the front lines, but to the business owners, organizational leaders, managers and human resources professionals like you attending this interactive webinar.

During this informative and collaborative session, you will learn how to take control of crisis management, create concise communication, keep employees engaged, manage remote workers and more—all while making strategic decisions to lead your organization through adversity.

What You'll Learn

  • How to be a successful leader during chaotic and turbulent times.
  • Tools for dealing with drastic change.
  • Productive ways to problem-solve and discover solutions.
  • Successful methods to cope with stress.
  • Strategies for stellar employee engagement.
  • Tips on communicating in, during and through a crisis.
  • Creating a new vision for a new future.
  • Ways to strengthen your EQ quotient and guide with emotional intelligence.

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