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IT Help Desk Management

Learn proven techniques for prioritizing projects, managing costs, and handling people — and problems — with ease

One Hour Webinar

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It's early Monday morning and already the IT help requests are coming in. You've got to get the new problems organized, check on the status of last week's requests, and train your newest employee all before your managers' meeting at noon. You start to panic as you keep adding to-dos to your already overwhelming list.

As technology continues to drive changes in the workplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time for monitoring the help desk ticketing system and ensuring a smooth IT management process is in place. As soon as you troubleshoot one report, another discrepancy always seems to appear. Employees and superiors are looking to you for help with their priorities NOW. As your inbox piles up, so does the number of departments waiting for your team to fix their problems. Requests aren't entered correctly, and the result is angry supervisors and lost income. If these stressful situations sound familiar, you're in desperate need of simple tips and successful techniques that increase accuracy and efficiency in managing your IT help desk — all while saving valuable time, resources, and energy!

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Effective ticketing, consistent metrics, and timely project completions don't just happen overnight. From what to do with projects that are running over their allotted time to strategies for keeping your employees happy and productive, this one-hour program will provide you with the keys for streamlining your processes, handling disruptive employees, and cutting your organization’s IT costs.

Have you ever found yourself in the following situations?

  • A department manager stops by your office unexpectedly and demands that his department's problem receive the highest priority. You check your database and find that the help desk hasn't received any notice of the problem and no ticket has been logged. He says that if you don't have your team address the problem immediately, he'll take up the issue with your superior.
  • You're catching heat because some of your tickets' Service Level Agreements (SLA) have been underestimated and others were overestimated. You realize that these mistakes are all being entered by the same employee and need to ensure this doesn't happen again!
  • The help desk is receiving requests for projects that require more time than your team has this week. You need to identify which projects are crucial to your organization's bottom line, prioritize these tickets, and decide which ones will have to be bumped down the list. How do you go about letting employees and coworkers know that their projects won't be completed on time?

Don't spend another frustrating day struggling to get a handle on your IT help desk processes! With the tips, strategies, and solutions provided in this one-hour webinar, you'll discover ways to implement new ticketing procedures and prioritize your organization's IT deadlines. You'll find yourself breathing easier about your company's costs, projects, and budget. Plus, you'll be able to implement what you learn immediately and see positive changes in your work life as soon as the webinar ends.

In just one hour, you and your employees will gain the skills needed to define project scopes, prioritize requests, and gain a renewed sense of control over the "IT to-do list." Don't endure another day of overwhelming requests, get confused with confounding budget inaccuracies, or be overrun with frustration. Learn proven solutions and time-saving tips that will help cut costs and ensure IT projects are completed on time and more efficiently than ever before!

What You'll Learn

  • Identify an effective ticketing and tracking system for your organization
  • Define the scope of a project and determine the appropriate SLA
  • Ensure projects' statuses are easy to identify by using time stamps and straightforward metrics, such as open, in progress, and closed
  • Gain respect and boost your team's morale by projecting a leader mentality — instead of just being the boss
  • Reduce project escalation by analyzing frequently occurring issues
  • Set daily or weekly status meetings to discuss tickets that are about to be or are already over SLA — and discover how you can ensure the proper resources are allotted next time
  • Run your reporting system at a set time each day to keep projects on track and on budget
  • Provide new employees with a thorough orientation and ensure they receive training that sticks — you'll reduce frustration and decrease turnover

Who Will Benefit

Any member of your organization who works in the IT department or with help desk management will benefit from the strategies and solutions in this information-packed webinar!

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