Inbound Email Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Leverage your customer service email communication in increase their satisfaction

One Hour Webinar


Do you have an Email Us link on your web site? Who handles the incoming messages? Do you have a mail management strategy and procedure in place? Or do you follow a catch-as-catch-can approach? Do you have a FAQ section to help answer customer questions on your web site? Do you even know which questions visitors ask most often?

Not knowing the answers to these questions may be costing you customers!

This webinar will help you create a consistent policy to handle blind emails, maintain expectations of high quality customer service and identify a list of frequently asked questions and answers – with consistency as the goal.

Inbound Email Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction can help you improve your level of customer service email service and increase the chances of first contact resolution. As a bonus, we’ll give you some high-tech Microsoft® Office tips to streamline this process!

Don't waste another minute with haphazard responses to emails — Attend this powerful 1-hour Webinar to discover your weak spots, shore up your strengths and discover powerful best practices to provide speedy, helpful resolutions to your customers. Save time, reduce frustration and improve expectations with consistent email management.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify your frequently asked questions
  • Strategies to create consistent responses
  • Creating a standard procedure for responding
  • Identify person(s) to direct emails to
  • Take advantage of built-in, easy to use Microsoft Office feature to help streamline

Who Will Benefit

Customer service managers, account managers, marketing professionals, tech support agents and managers

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