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What Managers and HR Must Know about Documentation of Employee Performance and Behavior

One Hour Webinar

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The process of organizing, storing, archiving and destroying an organization’s critical human resources-related documents can be daunting. Not only is it important to know what information is stored and where, but it's also imperative that a records management program keeps the organization in compliance with government regulations. With just one misstep, the organization risks legal jeopardy, fines, investigation and possible litigation. How do HR professionals and managers know which documents, files and records to keep, which to destroy and how long to keep them?

When audited by government compliance programs, good record-keeping processes, proper documentation, appropriate handling and retention policies protect your company from fines and lawsuits, such as against discrimination, harassment lawsuits, wage disagreements and more.

Don't spend one more day struggling. Create an employee documentation system that streamlines the storage and access of all critical employment information. Have an employee review process that is clear and concise in how you communicate and document employee performance leaving a paper trail that supports employee-related management decisions.

This one-hour webinar provides a crash course on how to create a compliant HR records management program and keep the program up-to-date to ensure that employees implement proper policies and procedures. Keep your company running smoothly and efficiently, while maintaining legal compliance with this one-hour webinar.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the paper lifecycle of an employee.
  • Retain documented hiring practices for legal protection.
  • Create onboarding paperwork.
  • Learn ways to track the performance of management.
  • Document employee performance corrections.
  • Create a procedures checklist for maintaining effective policies and ensuring employee awareness.
  • Compare record storage media.
  • Take and improve measures that guide retention of Web content and removable media.
  • Know how to manage timecard information.
  • Develop a system for tracking attendance and employee medical records.
  • Review union contracts and documentation.
  • Prepare for document termination and offboarding.
  • Enact a plan to recover vital records in case of disaster.

Who Will Benefit

HR staff, records management professionals, small business owners and every employee responsible for developing and/or maintaining employee records retention, access and destruction programs.

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