How to Write Comprehensive Policies and Procedures

Discover the best methods for producing effective and legally sound documentation

One Hour Webinar


Do you dread the thought of having to put down your company's policies and procedures in writing? Are you positive that you can effectively produce documentation that conveys your policies and procedures appropriately while protecting your organization from legal liability?

Well-written, concise policies and procedures are the framework that holds your organization together and makes everything run smoothly and efficiently, while ensuring fairness and consistency. However, when tasked with writing policies and procedures, many business professionals find that there's always something more pressing to do. If clear and transparent policies and procedures aren't documented and distributed, an organization runs the risk of suffering from an unfortunate misunderstanding, a critical mistake, or even a lawsuit that could be very costly.

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Have you been tasked with writing policies and procedures for your organization, but aren't quite sure how to begin? It's common to wonder …

  • Is it best to write in the positive, or should I focus on what employees should NOT do?
  • Should I post this information on our Web site or intranet for easy access and updating, or is it better to distribute hard copies?
  • How can I ensure our policies and procedures work together to help fulfill our organization's mission?
  • Are there specific words and phrases that it would be best to avoid?
  • I'm no writer — so how will I ever tackle this dreaded job?
  • Are there best practices for using visuals, such as photographs, illustrations, charts, and graphs, that I should follow?

Don't spend another day struggling to answer these questions and putting off this critical job responsibility. In just one hour of insightful training, you'll learn how to create well-written documentation that is easily understood and legally sound. This program could save you countless hours of writing and rewriting in an effort to eliminate gray areas and minimize confusion among your workforce. Plus, you'll see an immediate impact on each member of your organization from the benefits of properly documented, comprehensive policies and procedures.

Clear, comprehensive policies and procedures can help ensure an organization completes its objectives and achieves its mission.

Well-written policies that are carried out through clearly specified and easy-to-follow procedures are crucial to an organization's overall success. They help staff and management teams run the organization efficiently, fairly, and consistently, while minimizing legal issues and keeping employee satisfaction high. From employee benefits and payroll policies to workplace guidelines and e-policies, we'll cover a variety of policy types that are essential to the success of any organization — and the procedures and forms necessary to help carry them out. This hour of targeted training will help you prepare to write, review, and publish effective policies and procedures.

Don't spend another minute dreading the difficult task of writing your organization's policies and procedures. With the information provided in this power-packed webinar, you'll learn to write for clarity and design for ease of use. Your employees will be able to understand your policies and follow your procedures, helping your organization to meet its goals. Enroll today, and get great training that will have you turning out solid, legally-sound documentation with skill and ease.

What You'll Learn

  • Determine your organization's most important objectives — and how effective policies and procedures can ensure they are carried out
  • Understand the distinction between policies and procedures and how they are strategically linked
  • Identify the six most important reasons for creating comprehensive policies and procedures
  • Eliminate the guesswork by knowing where to start and what to consider before writing anything
  • Consider the legal dos and don'ts when creating or revising policies
  • Develop policies and procedures that are easily understood and legally sound
  • Pinpoint important policies you might have initially overlooked, including e-policies for your organization's use of information technology
  • Recognize your intended audience and target your writing to fulfill their needs
  • Use best practices and professional tips to create a high-quality printed manual

Who Will Benefit

Managers, supervisors, HR professionals, any individual within your organization who is responsible for creating airtight policies and efficient procedures.

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